The New Technique: Hair Plugs For Women

The New Technique: Hair Plugs For Women

Hair loss treatments are another area where women have lagged men in their ability to choose different solutions. Historically, about the only option a woman had when she was dealing with hair loss was to wear a wig and hope it didn’t fall off at the wrong time. Things have now changed as more and more women are leading active, physical lives and don’t have time to worry about whether their hair is on straight. Today’s women wants a solution that is lasting and doesn’t required constant care.

Men have had a solution for balding problems for years that did just what women want. Hair plugs, or hair implants, have given thousands of men a full head of hair after suffering the embarrassment of male pattern baldness. Now hair plugs for women are gaining in popularity as well.

The hair implant procedure for women is a little more difficult than for men because of the nature of how women tend to lose their hair. For men, hair loss usually is localized at the top of the head, the crown, and the hair line at the forehead. You hardly ever see a man who is suffering from baldness problems without hair along the sides of the head and at the back. This full hair growth at the posterior area allows for easy harvesting of living, growing hair follicles. This keeps the hair plug price low because it is so easy to get good follicles for implantation.

Women, on the other hand, tend to suffer from thinning of the hair over the entire scalp. This means there is no good area to remove hair follicles from in order for transplantation. But part of this problem has been solved with a new technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction. With this method individual hairs from other body areas can be transplanted in the balding spots. These hairs are courser than hair found on the head but they work very well as filler material.

Women now have an option much better than buying a wig for treating their hair loss.