Establishing Healthy Exercise Routines for Kids

Establishing Healthy Exercise Routines for Kids

Experts typically recommend that children get at least sixty minutes of physical activity in a day. While an hour might seem like a very long time, exercise does not have to be completely structured for kids. At the beginning of the week, take time to assess the opportunities for activity. Once you have listed a few, incorporate these exercise routine ideas. Written below are some specific tips on how to go about this.

Start by creating a schedule and deciding what type of physical activity your little one can take advantage of each day. For instance, you can allow him to participate in group or individual sports activities. He can opt to engage in soccer, basketball, dance, or martial arts. The practices and events here will most likely get your child to be active at least three days per week. Learn how much activity your child is getting during the average school day as well. Pay particular attention to physical education classes and active recess. Discuss any suggestions you might have with the teacher or principal.

Additionally, find the time and opportunity to play together as a family. In order to do this, you can schedule a weekly trip to the park or have a funny dance competition in the living room. If you are doing an exercise video at home, encourage your kids to participate by doing motions without weights. An alternative would be to have them jog around the block with you or spend some time biking. While family time is essential, children also need time to be with their peers. Demonstrate some outdoor games that they can play together so that they can remain active.

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